Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28 Feb Homework

1. Math
- page 158 qn 3a, 7b and 7d (due: tmr)

2. English
- SSP Handouts (if you are in ssp) (due: tmr)

3. S&W
- Post the comment in google classroom (if you have not done yet) (due: today)

Monday, February 27, 2017

27 February Homework

- Filing of CL file (purple one)
- CL Workbook (Due: sometime this week)
- Finish Google Form (Due: tomorrow)

- Finish and hand in Report draft 1  (Due: tomorrow)

- Edpuzzle (Due: end of the week)

Good Luck for Level Test :)

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Friday, February 24, 2017

24 February Homework

1. Level Test 2015.

Sorry for the updating late.

Language Arts Level Test

Dear all

Please remember to bring your own writing paper for the Language Arts Level Test on Monday (27 Feb 2017).

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 February Homework

-  Compo Corrections

- Level test (due: tomorrow)
- Assignment 3.2. Qn3 part a), g) and h)
- Assignment 3.3. Qn6 part c), f) and g)

English Language Arts
- Annotation of the Necklace

It is recommended that you file your past worksheets for revision.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 Feb Homework

1. Science
Return the equipment to lab staff. Lab staff will strike off the loan item list (due: friday)
- Submit receipt on a piece of A4 paper with their names and class to lab staff (due: friday)
-  Mr Tan will collect the receipts from the lab staff, please do not submit to Mr Tan directly (due: friday)
- The claims will be processed and I will disburse your claims through a claims form. (due: friday)

2. Math 
- Textbook, page 149, qn 6(i), 6(k), 6(l) (due: tmr) 
- Textbook page 152, qn 2(b), 2(g), 2(h) (due: tmr) 

3. Geography
- Complete padlet that was created in class. 
- Do IBook (due: april)

4. English
- compo corrections (due: tmr)

5. Chinese
- compo corrections

sry for the late post, Max was unable to upload the homework

Monday, February 20, 2017

20 February Homework

- 2017 S2 IH/GE Ch 1 to 3-3 Cheatsheet -> please complete slides 28 to 33.- (S) 2017 S2 IH/GE Ch 3-2/3-3 Which Cities in the world experience Housing Shortage and Reasons for Housing Shortage -> complete/read-up on slides 30 to 44.

English Language Arts
- Finish the rewrite on the short film Playback

Please be reminded to assemble in class tommorow

Friday, February 17, 2017

Reporting time on Monday (20 Feb)

Dear S2-03,

Please be reminded that reporting time on 20 Feb (Monday) is 7.40 am. 

Thank you.

17 Feb Homework

- Finish up the 1 minute commercial

2. Geography
- Read up the cheatsheet until what she has taught

Purchase of Class Photos

Dear 2-03,

Please fill up the Google Forms if you would like to purchase the class photos.
All orders must be submitted by 23 Feb. 

Purchase of Class Photos Google Form

Thank you. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

English Composition

Please hand in your English Compositions to me and Josh tomorrow morning, we will be collecting.

16 Feb Homework

1. Math
- Assignment 3.1 qn 3b, 3d, 3e, 4b, 4d (due: next lesson)
- 2016 Level Test (due: thurs)

2. ISS
- Submit logbook (due: 23 Feb)
- 1st Draft of report, print and submit (due: 24 Feb)
- Get feedback from Mr Goh (27 Feb)
- Finish up blog (due: 3 March)

3. Geography
- Bring post it notes, geog textbook, LD and highlighter

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14 Jan Homework

1. Chinese
- 使用文 (due: thurs)

2. Math
- Do page 3 and 5 of topic 3 notes (if I have not done during clsss) (due

3. English
- Do compo corrections (due: tmr)

Monday, February 13, 2017

13 Feb Homework

1. Chinese
- 实用文二 (Due: Thurs)

2. English
- Do the second page of the WS that was given out today (analysis of the main characters; Jem, Atticus, Calpurnia, Arthur Radley, Dill) (Due: tmr)

3. ISS
- Fill up your logbook

Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Feburary 2017 Homework

1. Geography: Group 3-5 please prepare your presentation for the next geography lesson.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

9 Feb Homework

- Finish and Bring Goalsetting form (Due: Friday)

No Academic Homework was given out today

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8 Feb Homework

1. Math
- Assignment 2.1 qn 1a, 1b sketch graph (Due: 9 Feb)
- Do a 2.1 qn 3, 4 (sketch graph also) (Due: 9 Feb)
2. English
- Complete Action plan 1 and 2 (Due: 13 Feb)
- Complete journalling for "The Possibility of Evil". (Due: 9 Feb)
- Create vocabulary set on Quizlet. (Due: 13 Feb)

- Finish up the screenplay for the advertisement (Due: 10 Feb)
sry for the late upload again, Josh was unable to upload the homework so I helped him upload it

Goal Setting (Bring handout on Friday)

Dear all 

Please remember to complete your goal setting form and bring it along on Friday (10 Feb). Thank you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Homework: 7 Feburary 2017

1. Math - Sec 2 Math Textbook, pg 139 Q3
                                                    pg 141 Q10
              - Assignment 2.1: Q1a, 1b

2. English: Write a paragraph on the scenes you received during lesson (At least 3-5 sentences)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday 6 Feb Homework

1. Slide 10 of Geog Chapter 3 slides

1. Do your group picture slides (Optional)

1. Finish Entire Worksheet TKAM

Maths Q10 Example is due tommorow

Digital Citizenship: Activity 1 What it means to be Digital Citizens?

SST Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme
6 February 2017
Me, Myself & My Cyber Persona

This video is about a young girl who is chatting to a man she does not know. The man asks her to meet him and she does. She really likes the man and thinks he makes her feel special! but is that really the truth?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 1
Post your responses under comments

(a) What are the cyber dangers presented in the scenario? 

(b) Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim? 

(c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online? 

Digital Citizenship: Activity 2 Dangers in Cyberspace - my digital footprint

Let's ask ourselves the following question before watching the following video
What is Digital Footprint?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 2
Post your responses under comments

(a) Reflect on the imminent dangers presented in the video.

(b) Why do you think many people are ignorant of such dangers?

(c) What do you think should be done to make people aware of these dangers?

Digital Citizenship: Activity 3 Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint
Is basically everything on the internet that is about you! 
Sometimes content about you may be viewed by people you don’t know. Your digital footprint may include photos, audio, videos, blog posts, posts you write on friends’ walls. Like all information on the internet, it can be permanent. 
Remember: Internet information has a global audience

Revisit the 4Rs - emphasized in SST
  • R1 - Respect
  • R2 - Responsibility
  • R3 - Relationship
  • R4 - Reflection
Apply the 4Rs in cyber space.

With the choice you made, you must also bear the responsibility.


 Alternatively, you may click HERE to access the clip

Reflection Question 3 
Post your responses under comments

(a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?

(b) Why are people not aware of the risk they can potentially put themselves in when they share personal information on the internet.

(c) What can be done to increase people's awareness of these dangers?


Saturday, February 4, 2017

3 Feb Homework

1. Geography
- Do the GIS fieldwork (if your group has not completed yet)

- Do Video Critique 3

3. Math
- Do Q10 in the math notes (p.g. 14)

4. English
- Do Performance Task Action Plan

Btw, sry for the late post, Max forgot to upload yesterday so I helped him upload the homework today.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday 2 February Homework

1. Math
- Example 10 in Notes

2. ISS
- Experiment 

Geography Worksheet is due tommorow

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Class Photo-taking (6 Feb)

Dear 2-03,

Please note the details of the class photo-taking session:

Date: 6 Feb (Monday)
Time: 11.55 - 12.10pm
Venue: Foyer outside Visitor's Centre

Wednesday 1 February Homework

- Assignment 2.1 : Textbook page 139 question 4

- Soft Copy of EL Action Plan

- Do Video Critique