Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 Feb Homework

1. Science
Return the equipment to lab staff. Lab staff will strike off the loan item list (due: friday)
- Submit receipt on a piece of A4 paper with their names and class to lab staff (due: friday)
-  Mr Tan will collect the receipts from the lab staff, please do not submit to Mr Tan directly (due: friday)
- The claims will be processed and I will disburse your claims through a claims form. (due: friday)

2. Math 
- Textbook, page 149, qn 6(i), 6(k), 6(l) (due: tmr) 
- Textbook page 152, qn 2(b), 2(g), 2(h) (due: tmr) 

3. Geography
- Complete padlet that was created in class. 
- Do IBook (due: april)

4. English
- compo corrections (due: tmr)

5. Chinese
- compo corrections

sry for the late post, Max was unable to upload the homework

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