Thursday, March 30, 2017

Student Leaders' Investiture (3 April)

Dear S2-03

Please note that the Student Leaders' Investiture will be held on 3 April (Mon). Details are as follows:

The objectives of the Investiture are:
  • To officially recognise newly-elected student leaders, vesting them with their duties as leaders.
  • To symbolically present the handing over of duties from present student leaders to new student leaders.
  • To inspire SST student leaders to be the epitome of performance and moral character.

Investiture for Leadership Board, CCA and House Student Leaders
Date: 3 Apr (Mon)
Time: 15:00 (to be seated by 2.30 pm)
Venue: MPH
Attendance: All Secondary 2, 3 and 4 students

If you are unable to stay for this event, please apply for early release and inform me.

Thank you!

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